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Natural Earl Grey is back !

In April of this year disaster struck in Sri Lanka when remote villages experienced landslide after landslide after torrential rains battered the region.

Hundreds of people where missing and dozens where found dead, homes where washed away in mud slides and villages were ruined forever. The particular area where this occurred is a formidable tea growing region famous for its high quality leaves. Nearly all of the  families in the region have depended on the tea growing industry for generations for their livelihood.

Roads where washed away and footpaths where impassable. The army and authorities have strived to repair the damage done by the downpours so that the people can get back to work and thus move on with rebuilding their lives.

The tea supply out of Sri Lanka was on hold for a while but with thanks to the authorities etc we have now regained our trading routes and we are happy to report that our Natural Earl Grey is now back on the shelves.

We wish the people of Sri Lanka all of our best wishes in getting their lives back on track and our hearts go out to all who lost loved ones.