“Mues” luxury Muesli

  • A  luxurious blend hand toasted in the Cumbrian Lakes and brimming with almonds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and raisins   £2.75

     Served with a choice of full fat, semi or skimmed milk or soya milk.   

  • Vegan Pancakes  (vegan)  maple syrup, fresh fruit – £4.95

English Breakfasts

  • Sharing Platter – For 2 : £16.90 / For 3 : £25.35 / For 4: £33.80
    Back bacon, local free range eggs, fresh tomatoes, flat mushrooms,Heinz baked beans, Cumberland breakfast sausage, black pudding,rosti,  fried Hazelmere bread, slice of toast  
  • Hazelmere Breakfast- £6.95
    Back bacon, local free range eggs, fresh tomato, field mushrooms, rosti,slice of toast 
  •  Full English Breakfast- £8.95
    As our Hazelmere Breakfast but also with Heinz baked beans, Cumberland breakfast sausage and black pudding
  • Vegetarian Breakfast – £6.95 (v)
    Cheese scrambled free range eggs, rosti, field mushrooms, fresh tomato, Heinz baked beans, slice of toast 
  • Vegan Skillet – £7.95 (vegan)    Red kidney, cannellini, borlotti and butter beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, spinach, red peppers and new potatoes. Deliciously flavoured with herbs and paprika.  Served wIth toasted chia seed bread
  • Vegan beetroot hummus, crushed avocado and chopped walnuts – £7.95 (vegan)    Served on toasted chia seed bread
  • Slice of toast with butter –  £1.00
  • Portion of homemade marmalade or homemade damson conserve –  50p

Scrambled eggs or poached eggs on toast

  • Local free range eggs on white, brown or granary toast – £4.95 (v)
  • with local smoked salmon – £7.45
  • with back bacon – £6.45
  • with flat  mushrooms – £5.95  (v)
  • with Heinz baked beans – £5.95  (v)

Morning Pastries

  • Croissant – £2.95 (v)
    with butter, homemade jam or marmalade 
  • Pain au chocolat – £2.50 (v)
  • Cheese and bacon scone with butter – £2.75 (v)
  • Slice of toast with butter – £1.00(v) Can be served with vegan spread

Filled rolls

Freshly baked bread roll white, brown or granary

  •  with back bacon – £4.95
  •  with breakfast Cumberland sausage – £4.95
  •  with bacon and sausage – £6.45
  •  with bacon, sausage and fried egg – £7.45

Speciality poached eggs

Served on a home baked toasted roll with hollandaise sauce

  • Eggs Benedict with back bacon – £6.45
  • Eggs Royale with local smoked salmon – £7.45

Sorry – we do not take reservations


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