Hazelmere Tea Menu

All of the teas that we sell in our cafe are available to buy upstairs in our sister shop – ‘Dorothy’s Teas’


Hazelmere Special House Tea – Dimbula, Sri Lanka – £3.50

Bright, rounded and rich. Takes milk well.

The Fell Walker – Created and blended upstairs in Dorothy’s Teas – £3.50

Brews to a glossy chestnut colour and tastes malty and smooth with a characterful, aromatic and bold flavour and a tiny hint of smokiness. Takes milk well.

Thowra Estate – Assam, India – £3.95

A lighter and more fragrant version of the traditional, hearty Assams, strong with a caramel aroma and rich, malty overtones. Takes milk well.

Phoobsering Estate – Darjeeling, India, 1st Flush – £3.95

Fresh, grassy with a fruity character. An excellent first flush Darjeeling.

Earl Grey – Dimbula/Maskeliya, Sri Lanka – £3.95

Infused with natural bergamot oil – the best balanced Earl Grey we have tasted. Full flavoured and bold !

Formosa Honey Tea – Taiwan – £3.95

Mellow and smooth with honey sweetness.

Black Rose, Mei Hua – Fujian Province, China – £3.95

The black tea used has a natural sweetness and compliments the floral taste of natural rose petals.

Uruwala Estate, Ruhana – Sri Lanka – £3.95

Smooth and flavoursome with a hint of burnt sugar.

Decaffeinated Tea – Sri Lanka – £3.95

Good balanced flavour with a rich, mellow taste. Decaffeinated by CO2 method.

Rwandan Sunrise – Rwanda – £3.25

Punchy, full flavoured and brisk. Takes milk well.

Smoky Assam – N. India – £3.95

Malty, balanced and subtly smoky.


Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden – Nepal – £3.95

Characterful, deliciously light and easy drinking.

Houjicha – Japan – £3.95

Roasted green tea. Mild, smooth, sweet & biscuity.

Lucky Dragon – Dimbula, Sri Lanka – £3.95

Herbal overtones with a full flavour.

Jasmine Pearls – Fujian Province, China – £4.50

A very special green, hand made and scented over many nights with fresh jasmine blossoms.

Supreme Dragon Well – West Lake, Zhejiang Province, China – £4.50

Fresh grassy smell with a smooth, complex flavour of bitter/sweet layers.

Woojeon – Jeju Island, South Korea – £3.95

Grassy and fresh with gentle umami notes.


Milk Oolong – High Mountain Region, Taiwan – £4.50

Rich butterscotch and caramel flavours with a creamy mouthfeel and little astringency.

Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) – Fujian Province, China – £4.50

Easy drinking with generous floral and buttery flavours and a gently smooth mouthfeel.

Everyday Four Seasons Oolong – Taiwan – £3.95

A great introduction to oolongs, smooth and flavoursome.


White Peony Supreme – Fujian Province, China – £4.50

A smooth flowery aroma with a plush fruity flavour and melon overtones.

Silver Needles – Shannon Estate, Sri Lanka – £4.50 (The Leafies Gold Award Winner2023)

Smooth and sweet with warm hay notes and suggestions of honeydew melon.


Loose (shou) pu-erh£3.95

Brews a very dark chocolate brown with leather aromas giving way to a sweet liqour flavour, very little astringency and a delicious earthiness which leaves the tongue quickly.

HERBAL & FRUIT INFUSIONS – naturally caffeine free – £3.50

Peaceful Momententirely created by Dorothy’s Teas. A mixture of tulsi, lemon verbena, rose petals and hibiscus. Restorative and soothing.

Whole Peppermint LeafRefreshing and great for digestion.

Red BerriesA fruity and reviving blend of berry fruits.

Winter Spiced RooibosEntirely created by Dorothy’s Teas. A hand blended mix of rooibos, exotic spices, dried apple pieces and dried orange slices.

Turkish AppleWonderfully tangy and crisp yet sweet and mellow.

Rooibos – South Africa – It has a rich flavour and brews a deep red.

Zingy Lemon & GingerEnergising ginger balanced by refreshing lemon.