Imperial Black Rose, Fujian Province, China


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  • Weight: 100 g
  • Origin: China
  • Food Pairing: Great paired with cakes and desserts

Imperial Black Rose is a rich tea infused with exquisite sweet “mei hua” rose blossoms.

The rose is specifically bred to accompany this tea and is famous throughout China for its sweet aroma deep pink petals. The black tea used has a natural sweetness without any bitterness and compliments the floral taste of rose petals. A tea which is excellent drunk with desserts or cakes or enjoyed on its own. Should be drunk black.

This beautfully attractive tea is harvested in the Fujian Province in China.

Fujian is a province on the southeast coast of China, one of the most important regions in the world both in total tea output, production of high-quality artisan teas, and development of different styles of tea and methods of tea production. A tremendous diversity of types of tea originated here.


Black Rose ‘Mei Hua’
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