Hazelmere Special House Tea, Sri Lanka


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  • Weight: 100 g
  • Origin: Sri Lanka

The Hazelmere Special House Tea – After having searched many estates from around the world and experimented with various teas we have created this – our very own house tea! Bright with a balanced and rounded flavour.

Hazelmere Special House Tea can be drunk any time of the day, with or without food. Our special house tea is sourced from Sri Lanka where the level of expertise and quality is World leading due to a long and illustrious history of tea growing and lessons hard learnt on the island during the now abandoned nationalisation of the tea industry. All the tea exported from Sri Lanka and endorsed with the Ceylonese tea lion logo has to meet the highest standards of quality.

Levels of pesticides are extremely carefully controlled and monitored – unlike many other tea growing countries. The estate we have chosen is superbly run. The social, economic and medical needs of the workers are fully met and the professionalism of the tea makers is second to none. The estate is set at 4,500ft in the famous central tea growing area of Sri Lanka and is overlooked by Adam’s Peak, a beautiful and religiously important mountain, famous for its colourful butterflies, incredible views to the coast and Buddha’s footprint on the summit !

The Hazelmere Special House Tea is a tea to truly awaken the palate and delight all senses !


The Hazelmere Special House Tea
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