Nilgiri, Blue Mountain, South India


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  • Weight: 100 g
  • Food Pairing: Great with afternoon tea or as a gentle wake-up breakfast tea.
  • Origin: India

The word “Nilgiris” translated means “Blue Mountain” and is the region where the tea is grown in the South of India.

Bright and brisk with a rich red colour. A flavour cousin to Ceylonese teas due to the geographical closeness of the two tea growing areas. Satisfying and flavoursome.

Nilgiri is a district in southern India in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is an important tea-producing region, probably the next most well-known in India after Darjeeling and Assam. The region is mountainous, and teas are grown at high altitudes giving them a high-grown character. The term “Nilgiri” also refers to a range of mountains that runs into the bordering state of Kerala. Some tea is also grown in Kerala, in the region bordering Nilgiri.




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