Lullaby Kiss Infusion


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  • Weight: 100 g
  • Health Benefit: Calming and relaxing
  • Time of Day: Evening
  • Origin: Gathered from around the Globe

Lullaby Kiss.

An ambrosial fusion of the most fragrant spices, each bringing exceptional healing properties to compose the mind and heal the body, an exquisite blend of camomile flowers, lemon peel, lemon verbena, bay leaves, fennel seeds and delicately fragile marigold flowers. Delightfully eases away stress.

Dorothy, the owner of The Hazelmere has travelled far and wide to personally hand select the teas that we have on our shelves and on our online store. Her knowledge goes back 35 years and her experience is vast. You can guarantee that the teas we have, have been tried and tested and only the very very best makes its way onto our Tea House menu.


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