Houjicha, Island of Kyushu, Japan


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  • Weight: 50 g
  • Origin: Japan
  • Food Pairing: Great at breakfast time with toast or porridge
  • Time of Day: Morning, Evening

 Most green teas in Japan are steamed, but this late season bancha tea (September harvest), goes through an additional stage of roasting at 200c for a few minutes. Houjicha is reputed to have been invented by a Kyoto tea merchant in the 1920s, who had a surplus of green tea he did not wish to waste! Originally the tea was roasted over charcoal, but now it is mostly prepared in electric roasters. The leaves are rarely sorted, producing a tea which is low in caffeine due to the high non-leaf content. Houjicha is drunk in Japan at breakfast and night time for its comforting properties, and is a great way to introduce children or non-tea drinkers to tea!

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