Kukicha, ( Japanese Twig Tea), Japan


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  • Weight: 50 g
  • Origin: Japan
  • Size (grams): 50g
  • Food Pairing: Fish dishes, soft cheese, desserts with nuts.

 Kukicha is believed to have originated as a result of ingenious Japanese tea farmers making a tea for their own consumption by using what was left after having sold the valuable leaves and buds. Kukicha is also known as bocha or Japanese twig tea and is made from the stems and stalks removed during the production of sencha teas. Do not be put off by the content! This delicious tea has lots of health benefits and very little astringency. Kukicha has become very popular in the West, and is hailed for its numerous nutritional properties as well as its alkalising abilities, and is cited as an important part of a macrobiotic diet. Kukicha’s non-leaf content means it is is very low in caffeine, (caffeine is mostly produced in the young leaf), and is great for bedtime sipping or for children to enjoy.  041_Kukicha-3914



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