Margaret’s Hope Estate, (2nd flush), Darjeeling, India


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  • Weight: 50 g
  • Origin: India
  • Food Pairing: Cakes, desserts
  • Time of Day: Afternoon, Evening

Tucked in the misty foothills of The Himalayas is the district of Darjeeling, boasting 86 individual tea gardens which produce some of the most sought after and distinctive teas in the World. The Darjeeling area has 3 main seasons; early spring first flush, early summers second flush, and the autumnal season.
Margaret’s Hope is a world-renowned garden, producing excellent teas with complexity and character. The garden was re-named in the late 1920s when the planter’s daughter travelled to England, with the hope of returning to her father’s beloved garden. This unfortunately never happened, and the name was changed in her memory.This Darjeeling is from the famous Margaret’s Hope Estate which is well known for its consistent quality and excellent teas.

 Margaret’s Hope provides a more medium flavour – it has good muscatel flavours but with some substance and complexity. An excellent 2nd flush, orthodox Darjeeling.


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