Jasmine Pagoda, Blossoming Tea, Fujian Province, China


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A visual as well as a taste experience! Refreshing green and white tea leaves from Fujian Province in China are meticulously hand tied one by one and sown into a bulb encapsulating flower blossoms at its heart. The final stage is firing which holds the bulb together and then when placed in hot water the exquisite bulb of tea leaves absorbs water and gracefully unfurls to reveal a floating tower of jasmine blossoms nestling on a bed of fiery orange chrysanthemum petals.It is unclear when blossoming teas were first created. Some authorities cite it as a centuries old skill first devised for the Royal Courts to charm visullay rather than to be drunk. However it is more commonly believed to be a modern creation and has now developed into a magical skill with many different types and shapes being created. Sit back, relax and watch the mesmerising tea show begin !

4 bulbs in a pack



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