White Assam, North India


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  • Weight: 50 g
  • Origin: India
  • Health Benefit: Anti Oxidants
  • Food Pairing: Light savoury dishes, desserts

White Assam

White Assam, a  rare white tea made in the Chinese Yin Zhen way. Only the long, tender leaf buds are meticulously plucked in spring and then naturally dried in the sun, producing beautiful, long, white, velvety needles. This wonderful tea has a light, bright and delicate character but with a recognisably subtle malty flavour, true of Assam teas. Packed with antioxidants this white tea is also extremely healthy. Stunning !

and what do our tea drinkers have to say………………………

“having drank many many teas from all over the world I was pleasantly surprised to find this exceptional white assam. Multiple infusions later and I’m still very impressed”!

“from my first sip of this assam I got dry cider and apple notes bubbling up.  Delicious ! Light but really full of flavors. There’s a maltiness, lots of fruit. I’m really impressed with this white tea of Assam. It’s a wholly unique flavor to me”

” an amazing tea to look at, furry tentacles in soft shades of grey and green, the brew is a delicate yellow colour, I could get subtle hints of malt, hay, and fruit which gave me a tea that was clean and easy-drinking”

“this is not your run of the mill tea, pricey, but worth every penny, 4 infusions later and the taste is full and delicious”

“this tea was delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed it hot, but drank at room temperature, sublime………………”

White Assam



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