Rare & Exceptional Collection Silver Tips – White Tea, Sri Lanka


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  • Weight: 25 g
  • Size (grams): 20g

White tea is the shoot buds from a specific clone of tea which is planted especially to pluck for this tea. The clone is selected for its ability to produce good large fat buds. The pluckers pick the buds early in the morning whilst the mist is still in the field and the protective hairs are erect, producing a silver down bud to the touchand offering a protection to the very fragile buds. The pluckers are given a special bonus because of the small amount they pluck in a day. The buds are not rolled or fermented and because no breaking of the leaf cells takes place there is virtually no caffeine. This tea produces a light apple green liquor with a touch of sweetness. The tea is brewed as green tea with off the boil water but can be infused for upto 15 minutes. This is the purest form of white tea where only the buds are used and is highly sought after.



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