Handmade Ready Meals and Pies

Main Dishes

Moroccan Lamb Tagine – Serves 1 – £7.60 ( GFI )

Succulent lamb pieces in a fruity tagine with harissa and mixed vegetables to give an aromatic

Beef Lasagne – Serves 1 – £5.15

A traditional recipe consisting of rich cheese sauce, bolognese and durum wheat pasta.

Braised Lamb’s Liver and Smoked Bacon Casserole – Serves 1 £5.45

Braised lamb’s liver with smoked bacon in a rich red wine gravy.

Cottage Pie – Serves 1 – £5.15

A traditional dish consisting of minced local beef, carrots and onions topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

Cumbrian Lamb Tattie Pot – Serves 1 – £5.15 ( GFI )

Local lamb cooked with onions, carrots and peas, flavoured with mint and topped with local potatoes.

Luxury Fisherman’s Pie – Serves 1 – £7.00 ( GFI )

Smoked haddock, cod, fresh salmon and prawns in a creamy dill sauce topped with mashed potato.

Turkey and Leek Crumble – Serves 1 – £5.15

Delicious combination of tender turkey breast, fresh leeks and mushrooms in a rich white sauce with sage, topped with a crunchy crumble of rolled oats, bread crumbs and cheese

Moroccan Lamb Tagine – Serves 1 – £7.60 ( GFI )

Succulent lamb pieces in a fruity tagine with harissa and mixed vegetables to give an aromatic authentic Moroccan flavour.

Homemade Soup – Serves 1- £2.85

Please ask about our flavours.

Handmade Vegetarian Ready Meals

Leek, Mushroom and Stilton Bake – Serves 1 – £5.25 (v)

A rich, delicious dish topped with a nutty crumble.

Red Lentil and Tomato Dhal – Serves 1 – £3.65 (Vegan) ( GFI )

A Sri Lankan dish with braised red lentils, fresh tomatoes and carrots, spices, coconut milk and lime juice. A mild to medium dish

Aubergine and Feta Moussaka – Serves 1 – £4.75(v)

A delicious vegetarian dish of layered aubergines with a red wine rich lentil and tomato filling and finished with a creamy feta cheese topping.

Side Dishes Basmati & Turmeric Rice – Serves 2 – £2.50

Delicious basmati rice enhanced with turmeric.

Handmade Family Pies – Serve 3/4

Savoury Cheese and Onion Pie – £8.00

A delicious handmade pie produced using homemade pastry, filled with vegetarian cheddar cheese, braised onions and enhanced with local potatoes and chives

Steak and Kidney Pie – £12.00

Local beef and kidney braised in a rich gravy and encased in our own homemade pastry


Apple Crumble or Bread & Butter/Pudding – £4.45 each

Homemade puddings made here at The Hazelmere using local ingredients.

Also in the Hazelmere freezer

Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps – £5.00

A local delicacy sold in single portion pots, packed by Flookburgh fisherman for us. Delicious with toasted Hazelmere brown bread.

Ice cream from The Handmade Ice Cream Co. – £6 – 500ml

Literally handmade using fresh whole milk and double cream and crammed with the finest of ingredients. Tastes like real ice cream should ! Serve with any of our homemade desserts for a fabulous combination. A variety of different flavours available.

Please note: prices may change without prior notice.

Allergen Info

Whilst we do our very best to accommodate everyone, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our kitchens, bakehouse or our suppliers are 100% allergen free.

Although some of our dishes are made with wheat free ingredients, we are an artisan bakery and therefore flour is present at all times.